Re: Participation in this Forum-Michele

From: Christine M. Smith (
Sat Jun 12 15:02:27 1999

At Fri, 11 Jun 1999, Michele wrote: >
>Nothing said was about you. An intellectual basis for discussion was
>mentioned in my post. Maybe you think it was personal to you. The
>words LEARN and EMPOWER were used. I wrote the post as an additional
>aggreement to yours. That is a compliment and I hope you have something
>positive to say back.
>I wish you a good weekend. Why are re-explaining yourself? You are fine
>just as you are. Are you okay Christine? HUGS!!!
>At Fri, 11 Jun 1999, Christine M. Smith wrote:
>>I'm a little confused here. It is my understanding that an open forum
>>implies *discussion*. According to the welcome message I received, the
>>Adhesion Forum has been created for women, physicians, and medical
>>providers to discuss topics related to women's physical and emotional
>>health and well-being. Includes but not limited to the exchange of
>>ideas, personal experiences, referrals, product recommendations,
>>procedures, support groups.
>>A participant is welcome to participate as long as it is within the
>>guidelines (no personal criticism etc.) I don't remember reading any
>>personal criticism. Apparently on this forum permission is not required
>>to e-mail a person privately. For some people, support is found more on
>>an intellectual level, by obtaining info and back and forth discussion
>>of that info. If this is not what you want, then don't participate in
>>it. (the back and forth discussion that is)If you are looking for
>>emotional support in a more traditional way, post your message and I'm
>>sure someone will answer it. There should be a place for everyone. This
>>is my mpression of an open forum. I'm not sure what a control group
>>forum is.
>>Chris S.


No, I really didn't take it personally, I was just adding my two cents on what I thought the purpose of the forum was. Sometimes I do feel that comments made that are not supportive of a person's viewpoint are not welcome. These are often referred to as "negative comments" because they differ but I think they serve a purpose as long as they are not personally critical. They often get a back and forth discussion going which can be interesting as well as helpful.

I also get a little nervous when someone insinuates that there is "exclusiveness" going on. I hate this (and it does happen sometimes, not necessarily here) and am usually am aware of it. I wanted to point out that I didn't think that was going on here.

Chris S.

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