Re: Absorbing information, Sympathetic support :o)

From: Peggy (
Fri Jun 11 16:27:43 1999

At Fri, 11 Jun 1999, Michele wrote: >
>I think everyone wants to help. It's the delivery of a message that is
>interesting. Some of us learn visually, others through hearing. But,
>most of us lose a tremendous amount of information and it goes out the
>window as nonsense information. Some of us will enjoy bold and
>aggressive posts that push forward. Others will see it as cyber
>yelling. If it's all CAPS and the heading is huge, then some people
>thing you are trying to overshadow others who are trying to express
>This is a support forum- not a control group/forum. Some days, when I
>hurt, I can't read all of the clinical information. So, retention is
>down even further>
>I think if you open up your heart first and give information in small
>doses (taylored to each person) then having a differing opinion is so
>I was very touched by most of the posts I've read, and one day we wrote
>about flowers. It was better day. We still have to deal with doctors
>and should learn to be Empowered...but in tactful doses.
>I had a tough day....does anyone care?
>With Care and Hope

Michele.I agree .We are suppose to be supporting each other.Sorry to hear you are having a bad day.Hope tomorrow is better for you.Someone who cares,Peggy

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