Re: MRI next step-Karen

From: Christine M. Smith (
Tue Jun 8 14:17:24 1999

At Tue, 8 Jun 1999, Karen O'Keefe wrote: >
>Yes, I had my MRIs on my spine also. They put cushions under my knees -
>it was just impossible for me to lie flat on a hard surface because of
>the pain. I had a neck cushion as well, and a couple little triangular
>cushions under both hips which were also helpful. I think a dose of
>relaxant beforehand sounds like an excellent idea as well! 9 p.m. sounds
>like a good time - I hate those early morning appointments. I wish you
>the best of luck...

Hi Karen: I just spoke to another friend who has had an MRI (seems like everyone has had one) and she said the same thing as I've been hearing. SHe expected no problems and was very surprised to find out it bothered her quite a bit. She said the tunnel was very confining and the table was very uncomfortable. I called the pcp office and they called something in. She said it was common. I don't know what it is yet as I haven't picked it up. I'm at my worst lying down so this is what I'm worried about-having to lie still. Did your MRI show anything?

Chris S.

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