Re: MRI next step-Chris S.

From: Karen O'Keefe (
Tue Jun 8 10:00:21 1999

Yes, I had my MRIs on my spine also. They put cushions under my knees - it was just impossible for me to lie flat on a hard surface because of the pain. I had a neck cushion as well, and a couple little triangular cushions under both hips which were also helpful. I think a dose of relaxant beforehand sounds like an excellent idea as well! 9 p.m. sounds like a good time - I hate those early morning appointments. I wish you the best of luck...


> At Mon, 7 Jun 1999, Karen O'Keefe wrote:
> >
> >Another MRI hint - ask for cushions for under your legs or wherever else
> >you need them - that darn table is hard on the back!! They will make you
> >as comfortable as possible.
> >
> >> At Mon, 7 Jun 1999, Sue Ann Murray wrote:
> >> >
> >> >>Finally, has anyone had an MRI? What can I expect? They just called with
> >> >>my appt-next Monday at 9 PM!!! Weird? The daughter of a friend had one
> >> >>and she normally has no problems with things like this, found the MRI
> >> >>very, very difficult to tolerate. She said it took intense mental
> >> >>imagery to keep from panicking in the enclosed area. She advised
> >> >>pre-medication. Help!
> >> >>
> >> >>Chris S.
> Hi Karen:
> We don't have "open" MRI here. At least it hasn't been offered and I
> have heard no one talk about it.
> I'm not too worried about the claustrophobic feeling. I don't usually
> have a problem like that. I am worried about the hardness of the table.
> I just recently had an xray of the sacroiliac joints and that was just a
> few minutes on the hard table and I couldn't stand it. I mentioned to
> the woman on the phone about the problem and she didn't suggest pillows.
> Was the MRI of your back? Mine is, maybe the knees can't be bent like
> that when they are looking at the lower spine. When I told her I
> worried about the hardness of the table making it hard for me not to
> wiggle she suggested premedication. She didn't act like it was an
> unusual problem.
> It's at 9 pm at night-that should be better than the am. I had a root
> canal done before my first lap and about 15 minutes into the root canal
> my bladder felt like it was going to burst and this always causes pain
> in my problem area. The hour long root canal was torture because of
> this.
> Chris S.

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