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From: Christine M. Smith (
Mon Jun 7 16:49:25 1999

At Mon, 7 Jun 1999, Laura Newman wrote: >
>To Chris: I experience a VERY sharp pain just before "completing" my mission (if you know what I mean) and it is so sharp that it almost destroys further elimination and sometimes does stop it. I know I am writing late but, perhaps your doctor told you something you can pass on to me. I, too, get and maintain at all times a "full" feeling along with periods of tightness and the feeling that something (like the movie "Alien") will pop out of me. It would be interesting to know if any other sufferers out there experience the same or some of these symptoms.
>>>> Christine M. Smith <> 04/16 2:30 PM >>>
>Well, I finally got up the nerve and called my pcp to ask for a referral
>to a colo-rectal surgeon. The pcp approved the referral so now I am
>hoping to get answers to some of the questions I've been asking. These
>doctors treat colon-rectal disorders as well as do surgery. The one I
>am going to also has a website. I am optimistic this visit is going to
>be productive.
>To those of you who have bowel adhesions, do you get weird sensations?
>This is a weird feeling in my "problem area" , it isn't cramping or gas
>pain, just a feeling like a muscle twitch. Other times it feels like my
>gut is tightening , almost like, but not quite as strong as, braxton
>hicks contractions in pregnancy. Does this sound familiar to anyone or
>am I nuts?

Hi Laura: The colo-rectal guy didn't really tell me anything about how adhesions would affect the colon because he didn't think it was my problem. (and by the time I got to him I was beginning to wonder myself) We concentrated mainly on other reasons for my pain. It turned out his wife had a very similar problem and hers was bone related. So that's what we discussed and that's why I'm having an MRI. The colo-rectal doctor did say that my obstruction symptoms could be due to the increase in fiber in my diet. I've cut back and haven't had any of those attacks anymore. If you're having the symptoms you described, then a visit to a colo-rectal doctor might be helpful. (rather than a GI doctor) I didn't ask the colo-rectal doctor about the twitching and tightening but now I'm wondering if they're part of muscle spasms. This could possibly be related to a spine problem. I had told the GI doctor and the general surgeon about them and both of them looked at me like this was the first time they had ever heard of anything so peculiar.

Chris S.

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