we need this forum

From: Toni Welsh (welsh@mail.fuse.net)
Mon Apr 26 13:46:39 1999

I know this is going very slow, but we have all been looking so forward to this, and it is here. I think we are all hoping someone can tell us about the new barriers so some of us may have a chance to lead a easier, pain free life. I have made alot of friends on the endo forum, but not having ever had it, I need some one to understand are feelings and pain we have just from all the surgery we have been through, and the trouble we are having with adhesions ruining our life.

My dr is so frustated with me, I just need some of you to lean on ,and when you need me I will try to be there. Please lets get together and try to help each other, seems alot of our drs do not know what to do with us.

The one thing my gyn said was that he will do a lap in the future, but he IS afraid of damage to the bowel, not knowing if he can get in, he could barely get the scope in through adhesions in August, but was able to see that the pelvis was covered after 4 months after laparotomy.

He did another in sept, hoping he could help me, it only lasted for a few weeks. He told my husband he is trying to see what kind on barriers will come out , and if it may help me for good!


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