Re: Colo-rectal Surgeon Appt

From: Toni Welsh (
Fri Apr 16 22:10:35 1999

At Fri, 16 Apr 1999, Christine M. Smith wrote: >
>Well, I finally got up the nerve and called my pcp to ask for a referral
>to a colo-rectal surgeon. The pcp approved the referral so now I am
>hoping to get answers to some of the questions I've been asking. These
>doctors treat colon-rectal disorders as well as do surgery. The one I
>am going to also has a website. I am optimistic this visit is going to
>be productive.
>To those of you who have bowel adhesions, do you get weird sensations?
>This is a weird feeling in my "problem area" , it isn't cramping or gas
>pain, just a feeling like a muscle twitch. Other times it feels like my
>gut is tightening , almost like, but not quite as strong as, braxton
>hicks contractions in pregnancy. Does this sound familiar to anyone or
>am I nuts?


I do not remember the contractions, I did not have hard label, I was csection. But the tightening in the abdomen is akmost constant! I use the work very constricting, and that is when I cannot get up from sitting, and I pulled side ways to get in the car tonight, and it hurt really bad to twist the way I did. I also get sharp pulling and small stabbing pains that just are there when ever, they pop up at any time, since the neurotin, seem that it may be helping that alittle, makes it easier to do things. Let me know how your appt. goes, please I am afraid to ask about one, I am afraid the pcp will think I am crazy! But I think the biggest problem with me was that transverse colon had stuck to the pelvic floor, and suppooesed to ne across your navel, also extensive adhesions tho, on all the loops of small bowel.

Talk to you soon!

Toni >

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