Symptoms of Adhesions?

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yes adhesions cause all of those symptoms and more. Without getting into too many details I have all of those issues. I have also had the colonoscopy with no results. I have adhesions covering all female organs as well as intestines. It is extremely painfull, and frustrating. I am sorry you have had no luck with doctors.

I am a mother of three, I can not imagine seven!! you are amazing, :) As for tests there are none. The only thing to diagnose adhesions is a laprascopic exploratory surgery. At which time the surgeon can lyse (cut) down the adhesions. I have had this done twice, it is EXTREMELY painfull, and the adhesions grew back worse than before.

I am sorry I have no good advice for you. I wish you the best of luck, try to take it easy and give your body time to heal after adhesions are hurt (or ripped open with everyday tasks, for me it is sneezing, such a normal function is insanely painfull I can literally feel my insides rip and burn for days with swelling visable.)

I take alot of vitamins to compensate for the loss of nutrients due to bathroom issues, i also avoid dairy all together, and take probiotics, and cranberry supplements. Again, good luck to you.

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Hello all! I have a question and I am praying for some sound advice.  I have had numerous (9) abdominal surgeries and chronic pain with alternating bouts of diarrhea and constipation.  After my last surgery 5 months ago, my GI doctor made mention of me having 2 bowel adhesions, which at the time I had never heard of before.  I had a colonoscopy a year ago, which showed nothing and they ruled it IBS.  Recently, I went to the ER for unbearable pain. They did an u/s.  The radiologist said he could not identify any of my organs, to which the doctor ruled my pain as coming from adhesions and to follow up with a surgeon.  I did as I was told and the surgeon sent me back to the GI doctor who only wants to do another colonoscopy.  The pain varies from day to day, but never leaves! When I have a solid bowel movement it is really thin and not much quantity wise.  I have tried changing my diet, been tested for everything known to man and had my gallbladder removed.  None of which have helped or solved anything.  My question is...  Can adhesions cause all of these symptoms? And how do I get a doctor to take my pain seriously? Are there any tests that can be done to fully diagnose adhesions?Please, I am begging you to find it in your heart to help me!

I am a 39 year old mother of 7 that often times has trouble functioning because of the pain.  Thank you for your time...

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