Re: Symptoms of Adhesions?

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Fri Jan 18 16:39:28 2013

You have all the symptoms, 25 yrs. plus, I am sorry this will be your life!

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> Subject: Symptoms of Adhesions?
> Hello all! I have a question and I am praying for some sound advice. I
have > had numerous (9) abdominal surgeries and chronic pain with alternating
bouts > of diarrhea and constipation. After my last surgery 5 months ago, my GI
> doctor made mention of me having 2 bowel adhesions, which at the time I
had > never heard of before. I had a colonoscopy a year ago, which showed
nothing > and they ruled it IBS. Recently, I went to the ER for unbearable pain.
> They did an u/s. The radiologist said he could not identify any of my
> organs, to which the doctor ruled my pain as coming from adhesions and to
> follow up with a surgeon. I did as I was told and the surgeon sent me
back > to the GI doctor who only wants to do another colonoscopy. The pain
varies > from day to day, but never leaves! When I have a solid bowel movement it
is > really thin and not much quantity wise. I have tried changing my diet,
been > tested for everything known to man and had my gallbladder removed. None
of > which have helped or solved anything. My question is... Can adhesions
> cause all of these symptoms? And how do I get a doctor to take my pain
> seriously? Are there any tests that can be done to fully diagnose
> adhesions?Please, I am begging you to find it in your heart to help me!
> I am a 39 year old mother of 7 that often times has trouble functioning
> because of the pain. Thank you for your time...

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