help for pain

From: Reynette Williams (
Wed Oct 10 19:15:00 2012

I have had 7 bowel obstructions in 3 years. The last time I was in the hospital my surgeon told me to keep my bowels loose so put me on Colace and Senakot 2 of each every night before bed. This has made a huge difference, no obstructions since! The other issue is exercise. Be VERY gentle! I overdid stretching in the pool, thought I was being gentle and almost ended up in the hospital the next day! Walking is great and very gentle stretching. Acupuncture can help with the pain in some people. I also see a cranio-sacral specialist who is gentle. Helps somewhat. If you don't want to try the colace and senakot try magnesium. Up the dose til your bowel movements are loose, usually 3-4 pills a day. Magnesium is also good for you, most of us are lacking in it. Hope this helps.

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