Pain Management Doctor-Rob and Katie

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Katie, There are ways to have pain management without the bowel problems. Pain management is one of the main answers for some people to function.  I was sent to a university hospital where they put a pump in me. You have to use very little meds in the pump. The pump by-passes the intestines so the side effects are not there. No the pump does not get rid of all the pain, the blockages, bloating etc. but it helps me to function. Also, massage and stretching helps some. What do you suggest beside's pain management?  Rob, I hear ya! I think you need to keep looking for someone that is compassionate and can give you suggestions on what other care you could get for your issues.

Kelly   > about my condition on not disregard me or type on their computer while
> never looking at my face in our monthly meetings... That was my point.
> I am not seeking "drugs".. I am seeking somebody who can understand and
> be somewhat compassionate regarding my condition....
> Rob
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> >
> >I understand the need for pain management, but patients need to keep in
> mind
> >that narcotics (and the like) cause constipation.  Constipation causes
more > >pain and sometimes twisted bowels and blockages, requiring more surgery.
> > 
> >Please keep this in mind if you are seeking care through pain management.
> > 
> >Katie

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