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I have found that the ONLY doctor who cares for me and helps me by listening and who truly understands is my gastro. I have been close to my gastro since I was diagnosed.  Please give it a try.   You sound very busy but my therapist is an understanding and caring person as well.  I certainly know how disappointed you must be after a doctor treats you in such a hurtful way.  Good luck. Betty On Aug 14, 2012 6:33 PM, "IAS Admin" <> wrote: Sender: (Rob) Subject: Re: Pain Management Doctor-Rob

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I understand your point.  However, I have cramping diarrhea at least five to six times each day and have a very difficult time keeping weight on.  You have to remember, I am 44 and very active with two children, work out daily and work full time with a very demanding travel schedule for work.  I actually WISH the narcotics would slow my bowels down, but they don't.  I am on very low doses of pain meds as is.  I am not looking to increase my meds- I am actually looking for somebody to CARE about my condition on not disregard me or type on their computer while never looking at my face in our monthly meetings...  That was my point. I am not seeking "drugs"..  I am seeking somebody who can understand and be somewhat compassionate regarding my condition....


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>I understand the need for pain management, but patients need to keep in
mind >that narcotics (and the like) cause constipation.  Constipation causes more
>pain and sometimes twisted bowels and blockages, requiring more surgery.

>Please keep this in mind if you are seeking care through pain management.


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>> There are good pain management doctor's out there.  Research in your area
>> and talk to your pcp.  You might research a pain pump also.
>> Kelly

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