Chronic Pelvic Pain

From: Tammy (
Mon Dec 17 18:18:33 2012

Hi all. 44 y/o female. 2 Vaginal births. 8#8oz and 8#6oz. Lost the heart beat on the first, and German doctor placed hand at top of belly and pushed son out. Over 100 stitches. No problems with second delivery. Tubal 2004 resulted in a staph infection. The doctor that performed the procedure refused to believe I had any postoperative issues, and told me I needed to be tougher. After three weeks of repeated attempts to receive help from him, I went to another GYN for a second opinion. He thought I was pregnant and upon exam, discovered immense swelling of abdomen and that my rectom was displaced. Over 1100 cc of staph was removed from three different abcesses. In 2012 I underwent a vaginal hysterectomy as we thought my uterine fibroids were causing alot of pelvic pain. Unfortunately, this GYN discovered adhesions from my liver to my rectum. She did the best she could to remove them, but could not get them all. One area alone still the ovary so encased in scar tissue that the fallopian tube was wrapped around the ureter. Unfortunately, again, I hemorraghed and required 3 pints of blood and 2 bags of platelets. The abdominal and pelvic area swelled to the point that I could no longer see my belly button. After discharge from the hospital, the pain never decreased, but proceeded to get progessively worse. I don't know if my running and sit-ups 4.5 months post-op contributed (military), as I only had pain after excercise, not during. Her only solution was another surgery. Of course I said no. Fast forward a hellatious 7 months, another MRI or CT showed adhesions between vaginal apex and pelvic sidewall and colon. I received a referral to a pain specialist. He started me on Vicodin 5/325 twice a day. This was not enough to manage the pain. We went to three times a day, in addition to bi-monthly massages on the abdomen and pelvic area. Recently, it was discovered that I have a mucosal prolapse, mucosal edema, rectocele, and "tortuous elongated sigmoid colon". Whatever that means. This doctor says if I quit taking medication and have the rectum repaired, all my pain will stop. I'm disinclined to believe anything he says, as he did not see the scarring in the rest of my pelvic area. How do I get someone to believe that the pain I am feeling is real, and fixing the rectum without addressing any other pelvic issues is a waste of time and too much to take on emotionally? I'm afraid that I will be in pain for the rest of my life and refuse to live this way. Thanks for any assistance you can provide me, even if it's only believing me.

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