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Thu Dec 6 20:12:31 2012

Good for you can I borrow those words?

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> We have all had doctors who told us that adhesion tissue is not painful.
My > answer was to say this: "So tell me doctor ______...what do adhesions
adhere > to? They adhere to our intestines, our abdominal wall, our uterus' if we
are > women, our bladder, our pelvic floor, our liver, etc... These internal
> organs DO HAVE PAIN pain receptors and HURT LIKE HELL when the adhesions
> twist and pull and stretch these organs and tissues. Oh, and by the
way...if > the adhesions have been growing for a long time there have been cases
where > the adhesions themselves developed pain receptors. I suggest you take the
> time to do some research, and bring your knowledge up to date." Then I
> stand up and walk out the door. I go find doctors who aren't living in the
> dark ages.
> I hope this helps!
> Jeanette

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>> I've bern told the same thing, but- I had a doc several years ago say to
> me
>> "the adhesion tissue is not painful, what the adhesions DO is"
>> Dawn B

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