20years of abdominal adhesions

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Patricia, You have my sympathy.  You sound alot like me. The only advise I can give you at this point is have pain management.  I would not get another surgery unless you have a blockage.  I have a pain pump which helps some but I still have alot of pain and digestive issues but you don't get the side affects from taking the oral meds. I hope you can get some relief.

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> Subject: 20years of abdominal adhesions
> Hello,
> My name is Patricia and I have been researching trying to find
> answers/help with abdominal adhesions. I found your name on the IAS
> site to contact. I am from Illinois and I have been fighting abdominal
> adhesions for over 20 years.
> My problems first began about 20 years ago to my knowledge, pain, upset
> stomach and all the related issues that adhesions bring. After 10 years
> of going to doctors with various issues and beginning to think they
> thought I was crazy because nothing showed to explain the problems I
> began having serious issues with my female parts and went to my OB/GYN
> at that time (since retired) and he told me what he suspected and the
> only way to know was laproscopic surgery. We did this in 2001 only to
> find a serious mess of adhesions and said he wish he had cut me wide
> open. This helped for several years, but I had to undergo 2 more
> surgeries after for an appendectomy and another c-section. A few years
> later my family physician and I determined that the adhesions were back,
> after seeking counsel from a local surgeon and researching other doctors
> to try and get help no one wanted to do anything because they say its a
> losing battle. Everytime we go in it's gonna create more, while I
> understand this they need to understand my position as well. So another
> 10 years down the road and I am in so much pain I can not stand it
> anylonger. I am barely able to eat, mainly soft foods because I end up
> in extreme pain after eating, i am completely nauseated and begining to
> regurgitate when I really have nothing in me. It is even effecting my
> bladder, it has effected my bowels for sometime but it has not gotten to
> the point that I never know when or how the consistency is going to be.
> I am at a loss as to what to do at this point.
> I am looking for anyone who can help or give me advice on someone to see
> for this to help.
> Thank You,
> Patricia

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