Re: Neurontin (USA) -- also Gabapentin as RX for me

From: Dianna (
Mon Oct 31 21:40:21 2011

I too take Gabapentin (Neurontin) 600mg 3 times daily and it has made a differnce. I also take 450 mg of Lyrica a day. I only have to take hydrocodone occasionally to keep the pain at bay. I have had three surgeries to remove pelvic adheisons that appeared out of nowhere about six years ago. I had endometriosis removed 20 years ago, but didn't have a problem again until about 15 years later then suddenly, extreme pain. Turns out I had adhesion and my bladder keeps growing to my colon and I have a persistant mass on my right side low down in my hip. I am glad to see that it is working for others as well. Good luck to all that read this, I feel your pain. Literally. Oh, and I am seeing a therapist that specializes with people in chronic pain and that has helped so much. She has given me ways to deal with the anger and depression that go along with always hurting.

At Mon, 10 Oct 2011, Dawn wrote: >
>Yeah! That is absolutely wonderful!!!
>I wish you many prayers and lots of luck. I too have nerve damage but can't
>take neuron tin due to the very bad side effects that I experience.
>So happy for you, and have faith it"ll keep on working.
>On Oct 3, 2011, at 7:23 PM, "IAS Admin" <> wrote:
>> Sender: (Kim A.)
>> Subject: Neurontin (USA) -- also Gabapentin as RX for me
>> I have to say, I finally got to the pain clinic last Friday. There I
>> met the first MD who has not laughed at me. I brought my surgical
>> reports- and a 15 page questionaire they had sent me.
>> This MD- the pain specialist, told me 30% of people who have had
>> abdominal surgery will get painful adhesions......... He said that
>> adhesions can wrap around major and minor nerves. I have nerve pain.
>> He prescribed Gabapentin 300 mg three times a day.
>> It's working- the pain has been very minimal for 3 days. I haven't been
>> pain free in 2 years. I hope this isn't a fluke- I think it might be
>> real.
>> Now....I need to get my life back. I have been spending 80% of my time
>> in a fetal position on my right side, with my head elevated for 2 years-
>> my muscles are wasted... Now I can MOVE!

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