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From: entrapped (
Mon Oct 31 21:37:32 2011

I don't know if this'll help, however, I've dealt with the precise issues mentioned below. Following my first laparoscopy in 1999 in which anatomy was adhered and adhesions taken down (finally), I experienced relief instantly. Unfortunately that only lasted a few months. I'm now experiencing extreme low back and right hip pain among a whole host of other problems; constipation, et cetera. Additionally, I've had it with respect to physicians - most look at me as though I'm out of my mind, others indicate they will not take down adhesions and have stated that they do not believe in doing that. In a sense I understand why, as, we - the patients, are constantly having to undergo more and more surgeries. Typically, the more you cut, the more adhesions; a vicious circle. We are now left with having to endure; not my idea of living.

At Mon, 3 Oct 2011, Kimberly wrote: >
>I have dealt with adhesions all of my adult life. It took 16 years, my
>inability to walk, use the bathroom and keep food or drink down after
>eating to finally get someone to take me seriously. After my
>hysterectomy in 2002 I was pain free. For the first time in my adult
>life I was able to move and live without pain. Adhesions were part of
>the reason for my divorce after 22 years. He felt I was just lazy and
>because the doctors couldn't find anything in tests or films then it
>must not exist.
>In Aug 2006 after approx 6 mos of pain and bowel issues, most of which
>were associated with constipation, bloating and severe pain, I had an
>adhesion release by laparoscopy which gave me immediate relief and
>lasted for 2 years. In 2008 I again began complaining and was told by
>more than one doctor that they wouldn't do anything and quite frankly
>the male physicians looked and talked to me like I was making it up.
>I have been on disability from my job since July 2011. This always
>presents it's ugly face in my lower back first. Always. I have had CT
>Scan, xrays, lab work, neurological test and now the neurologist is
>sending me for an MRI before I make my appointment at UC San Francisco
>next month. I was told by the neurologist today that I have nerve
>damage now. Fortunately, the is a female physician and she understands
>and is working WITH me not against me.
>Don't give up. It has taken us a long time to find doctors that listen.
>I have all of my medical history on CD for easy access for anyone that
>may need it.Good Luck.
>ps since.
>>For the past 2 years I've had problems with my back. The left side of
>>my back muscle had been knotted-up constantly. Pills, therapy, TENS
>>unit, injections haven't worked. I believe that adhesions have attached
>>to this muscle group. I believe it can't release at all. Constant pain
>>and difficulty moving are my companion.
>>This is the side of my body that has had the worst of adhesions! I don't
>>know what type of doctor to see anymore. The last surgeon, few years
>>ago, said he wouldn't operate on me. Unless, I had another bowel
>>Woe is me! Anyone else have this issue?
>>Karen Ricci

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