Re: Celebrex preventing adhesions

Mon Oct 3 18:27:56 2011

I had my adhesions removed in 2009 my Surgeon told ne there is a possibility they may grow back he doughted it however there was that slight chance and now 2 years later i have all the symptoms and i cant eat or drink because of the same pain i experinced the first time they found them i am scared to eat because i know what will happen please is there some one out there who has or is going thru the same thing please talk to me.

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>I also agree with nasids being daogerous. I took naproxin for two years and
>still have ulcers and stomach issues five years later.
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>When Celebrex was getting ready for market, the big news was that it was a
>high performing anti-inflammatory without many side effects other than
>stomach discomfort. I believe this was before Naprosyn was approved for
>over the counter use as Aleve, another pain reliever. Naprosyn helped me
>with pain and inflammation, Aleve helps, too. Celebrex proved to be VERY
>hard on the stomach (including stomach and intestinal bleeding and
>perforation) and, in some cases, greatly increased of heart attack &
stroke. >The serious side effects increased with usage - so the dream of a low-side
>effect, long term use NSAID for those of us suffering from adhesions was
>quickly dashed.
>It is great for pain and inflammation, BUT very dangerous, in my opinion.
>At Thu, 31 Mar 2011, Fern wrote:
>>At one time there was a widely circulated article written by Susan
>>Craig who stated a controlled study of Celebex having a "dramatic"


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