Re: Surgeon in San Diego?

From: lena (
Mon Oct 3 18:24:43 2011

were you able to find a dr in san diego that deals with adhesions? I am having the same problem. my dr knows that I have adhesions but does not want to do surgery. only give pain meds. I have had multiple surgeries for adhesion's last one was 8 years ago and I was pain free.

They are back and they don't want to do anything. knew thing is going through pain clinic so I can learn to breathe through the pain come on. What a waste of time and money. Can anyone help me.

At Sat, 26 Aug 2006, Deidre wrote: >
>Hi everyone,
>Is there anyone who knows of a surgeon in San DIego or California that
>deals with adhesions? Thank you.
>Deidre Koehler

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