Adhesions from gallbladder removal a year and a half ago

From: Ang M (
Mon Oct 3 18:24:16 2011

Hello, I had my gallbladder removed almost two years ago. This past month I have been having pain below my belly button that has been pretty constant. It gets worse if I walk pushing a stroller, doing yard work or sometimes just sitting in a chair. My PCP did some blood tests and an exam and told me that he could find nothing wrong, but go to the ER if I felt worse. It was very disappointing. After doing some internet research I attempted to self diagnosis and came up with adhesions. I called my surgeon next and he did more blood tests and a CT scan for a possible hernia. Again, nothing showed up. He seems to agree that I have adhesions.

Has anyone had luck getting an actual diagnosis? Is this something that I will have to just live with? I would prefer non surgical treatments, but I feel my doctors are just kind of scratching their heads and saying, "huh." Massage, exercise, what has worked for you? Thanks,

Ang M

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