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Dr. Sader is awesome! He is the only one who listened to me when I was in the hospital in January.

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after many surgerys also used dr redan in orlando found a surgeon in boca raton fl DR Sader im pain free for first time in 10 yrs I trust this man

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ADHESIONS Digest 1372

Topics covered in this issue include:

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I'm not sure they can help you but it never hurts to ask. I went to Clear Passages in Gainsville Florida. Their website is Although I was not completely cured, I am now able to sit up straight (most of the time) and have gotten some of my strength and endurance back.

Some of the other patients I spoke to while attending were thrilled to have complete cures so maybe that is the miracle you are looking for.

We will keep you and your husband in our prayers. Having been a care giver prior to my own problems I can sympathize with how you must be feeling. Sometimes it is easier to be the patient.

Take care and don't give up hope. God can perform miracles.


> Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2011 13:24:04 -0500 > From: > To: > Subject: Help!! > > Sender: (Sarah) > Subject: Help!! > > I am so glad I found a place where people understand what we are going > thru! The love of my life is slowly being taken from us

due to a stage 4 > frozen abdomen and a body that is engulfed in adhesions.

His doctor > gave him less then 6 months to live. His bowel has

completely died off > and his small intestine is worthless. The adhesions have

attached to > his lung, his kidney and have webbed his lower rib cage.

We are > desperate for a miracle. He has been to the doctor in

Kissimmee, FL who > referred him to Dr. Gerhart in Pennsylvania. To date,

after many many > calls, he has not called back. We are trying to do

anything possible. > We live in Chicago. He is trying to contact the Mayo

clinic at this > point because we do not know where to turn to next. Can

anyone give us > any sort of direction??? > > -- > All my love, Sarah >

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