Re: Help!!

From: cristine (
Sat Aug 6 16:22:14 2011

At Sat, 23 Jul 2011, Sarah wrote: >
>I am so glad I found a place where people understand what we are going
>thru! The love of my life is slowly being taken from us due to a stage
>4 frozen abdomen and a body that is engulfed in adhesions. His doctor
>gave him less then 6 months to live. His bowel has completely died off
>and his small intestine is worthless. The adhesions have attached to
>his lung, his kidney and have webbed his lower rib cage. We are
>desperate for a miracle. He has been to the doctor in Kissimmee, FL
>who referred him to Dr. Gerhart in Pennsylvania. To date, after many
>many calls, he has not called back. We are trying to do anything possible.
>We live in Chicago. He is trying to contact the Mayo clinic at this
>point because we do not know where to turn to next. Can anyone give us
>any sort of direction???
>All my love, Sarah

Dear Sara, so concerned to read yr plea.My daughter has adhesions and her naturopathic doctor has put her on a gluten/dairy free diet.So far so good!You must be at the stage where you'll try anything, so give it a try! Good luck and don't despair.Consult a naturopath now.I'll pray for you both.....Christine.

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