Another Surgery

From: Rob (
Sat Jul 16 17:40:57 2011

Hello All,

I just got out of the hospital yesterday- AGAIN. This time, I spent a total of 29 days in the hospital. I had a bowel obstruction-AGAIN.. Yes, this time those nasty adhesions got a hold of my small bowel and stuck it onto my pelvis bone and tied up some other areas of my bowel. Need less to say, they watched me for a little over a week in the hospital with pain meds and anti nausia medicine.. After 10 days, my bowels were just not working so they went in. The surgery was close to 6 hours and they really did a nice job. after three weeks, they let me go home... Two days later, I was in the hospital for a post surgical obstruction again. Thank god, this time it worked itself out. I can't tell you what a wonderful staff I had of nurses while I was at UCSF. And, Dr Hobart Harris (Chief Surgeon) was absolultely WONDERFUL. His staff and him are a 10+ when it comes to bed side mannner and really explaining the whole issue. I can't say enough about this doctor and will be greatful every day for him helping me out...

I am 43 years old and am a male. This is my 7th gut surgery and I am sure it won't be my last. I can't tell you how much the people of this site means to me and how great it is to have such a great support network.

Cheers and I will keep you posted,


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