Re: Major Adhesions

From: Gary (
Sun Jun 5 16:25:09 2011

Hi There,

I empathize with how you feel, and what you are saying and the wise way that you seem to see life. I am now recuperating at home from my latest abdominal adhesions surgery, which took place in early April 2011. I had had 2 prior such surgeries over the same vertical abdominal incision. Once again, this was due to a small bowel obstructions episode caused by the adhesions.

Additionally, altogether I have experienced 25-30 such attacks overall. However, most of the times they either subsided at home on their own, or else I'd needed to spend several days in the hospital with an NG tube down me and only I.V. nutrition, in order to let the bowel try to rest.

It is a condition which is a living hell.

The docs do not seem always to connect with us patients who live with this everyday. In their defense, I think it's difficult for them because their very ethics and profession dictate that their job is to treat a patient such that the patient's problem is rectified. With adhesions, doctors cannot make you better. They can only treat the acute episode of adhesions-related obstructions, but not the chronic pain part of the problem that the patient goes home to live with each day, in between such surgery- or procedure-requiring obstructions episodes.

I pray that someday there is a remedy for this situation that Mother Nature truly dropped the ball on, when human beings evolved! :-o I also have IBS-C and diveticulosis -- so it can be nervewracking to never know exactly where the initial pain's cause is coming from. What docs and other formal/informal caregivers need to understand, is that adhesion patients are coming from a life consciousness perspective where their lives, plans, schedules, and relationships are interrupted, set back several paces, or severed every few weeks, months or years. This problem affects job, security, social interactions, mental and physical health. It's always one giant step forward and then 5 giant steps back.

I credit spirituality, meditation, positive visualizing and healthy energy to try to get me through, one day at a time--even though many doctors do not understand this one-day-at-time perspective. Well, they need to begin understanding that when you live with abdominal adhesions, you must live that way, and in a way it's a gift where, like you pointed out, you get to realize who and what are important in your life, and savor those moments and memories as they occur. :)

Wishing good vibes to you and everyone else here! Gary in Boston

Gary P.

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