adhesions in chest cavity

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Sun Jun 5 16:24:33 2011

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At Sun, 17 Apr 2011, Dianne C wrote: >
>Absolutely this could be adhesions. I have had this same thing happen to
me. >But now it has been hurting and pulling more in the abdominal and pelvic
>region. It makes me real tired. I hope she gets help. I haven't yet.

Hi, I'm an adhesion sufferer for many years and had 15 surgeries caused by adhesions in the abdominal area and my intestines, stomach and belly button all wrapped and glued together. The surgeon told me I also have adhesions way up my abdominal just under my breast which I never had before. He removed all those ahesions which if I new I would of told him not to removed them unless he had to because more will grow. In your sister's case I think she should get a second opinion from an adhesion surgeon just in case. Good luck and let me know how's her progress.

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