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>I have been waiting for Spraygel to be approved here in the USA. Does
anyone >have any updates on Spraygel? Does anyone know what barriers are currently
>being used successfully here in the USA? My pain is regulated by a cocktail
>of different pain, constipation, spasm, depression, etc...medications that
I >would rather not be taking. They don't get rid of all the pain but they do
>make me functional. If I could have surgery with a successful barrier I
>might finally be able to dump these medications and the pain they are
>supposed to regulate and get on with my life. Any Information on Spraygel
or >other barriers would be greatly appreciated.

>Thank you very much!

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>> Subject: spray gel
>> Hi, this may not be the appropriate place to ask, but why was the study
on spray gel terminated? Is there a web site that would give me more >> information?

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