Smoking inhibits healing and adhesions

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In response to your message about smoking and adhesions I do know that doctors like you to quit smoking at least two months before a surgery because smoking can cause bleeding. I'm not an expert, this is just what I heard and I do know it slows down the healing process.

But I sure wouldn't make them the culprit.

I started having surgeries at 13 years of age and I've lost count but it seems the adhesion were there before the surgeries. Since my problem was bleeding cysts that would make sense since adhesions are caused by trauma and surgery. I am now at the point where they are attached to my intestines and the pain is horrible. They have me on the highes dose of morphine you can have but to be honest with you sometimes that doesn't even help. The last time I had adhesions removed was after my gallbladder was taken out. The doctor told my husband that he got the ones near the gallbladder but that my abdomen was filled with adhesions and he couldn't even begin to remove them.. I am now having a neuro device inserted into my spine to help the back pain I have from degenerative disc disease and after that there will be no more surgeries of any kind but I'm trying the temprorary one now and the reduction of pain that I was having from that is almost gone. They will still be able to do the celiac blocks and I will continue on the morphine but I am looking up. One year ago I couldn't even get out of bed. I would quit smoking. They don't tell you but it is the number one cause of kidney and bladder cancer. I was a smoker too and I still crave them but their not worth what I went through this last year. Oh and the doctors also told me to stay away from caffeine because it causes pain. I sure miss my Cokes. Good luck and God Bless and be with you always!

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> I unfortunately smoke but the adhesions started before I started back
> smoking. I don't believe it makes them but surely it couldn't help
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