Re: Hysterectomy/Ovarian Remnant Syndrome/Chronic Pain

From: Mary (
Sat May 28 21:44:09 2011

Did you ever get a resolution? I have gone through the worst 2 years since my hysterectomy - I barely made it home after one surgery due to so much blood loss during the exploratory. It took a long time to get diagnosed, but now I am faced with 2 options: (I took Lupron for 10 months, and am now on 50 mg. of Provera per day but still having problems. ) I saw an oncologist who feels he can get this out (I have been in the ER and gone through 4 surgeries post-hysterectomy) with a huge vertical incision where he said he will literally put his hands in my abdomen and feel the blood vessels that normally feed the ovaries) and then remove the invisible remnant yet creating even more scar tissue. It is a huge operation. My other option is to continue to take the provera for the next 10 years, suffer unpredictable episodes of extreme pain, and pray for menopause. Anyone had any luck with anything different?

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