I need some help

From: Jodi (Jodily4586@gmail.com)
Mon May 9 21:20:50 2011

I have pain in my abdomen mostly around my belly button area but also going down to my groin. The pain around my belly button feels like something is there and it hurts when I sit, stand and benddown. It sometimes burns and is just unconfortable. I have had many ultrasounds and they only find a small cyst t hat has been there like forever. It actually went down a little when I had it checked recenty in March. I have IBS and this does not help my IBS. I sometimes have pain after I ear. I have had three abdominal surgeries. One doctor thought it might be adhensions. My surgeon does not think so because he said he did not use mesh when he did my hernia repair. Any help would be appreciated.

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