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From: Fern (
Mon May 9 21:20:42 2011

At Sat, 23 Apr 2011, Susan wrote: >
>I have pelvic pain and have had several sonograms with nothing showing.
>The pain sometimes feels like a burning sensation. Sometimes I feel a
>ticklish sensation and I have tenderness in that area. It also feels
>like a pulling sensation at times. It hurts from my bellybutton to my
>groin area. I have had two c-sections, gallbladder removal and a hernia
>repair without mesh. Any ideas what this pain could be? No one can give
>me an answer.

I would definately see one of the surgeons others have mentioned like Dr. Clark Gerhardt, Dr Jay Redan, or Dr. Semertzides in Cinncinatti. They seem to use both glues and disolvable meshes to make a determination what is right for the patient.

Fern Hill

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