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Tue Apr 19 22:40:23 2011

Hello dorethy i am also very thin, however when i hurt my stomach ( by bending or sneezing) my stomach does swell. In fact im lopsided. Left side is bigger or more swollen all the time. I think its because my adhesions go through many layers of abdoman. Good luck to you. Please let me know how seprateeese works for you. Im curious. Also i found studies reporting less bowel obstructions by taking cranberry suplements. U might also try that. Good luck again. Sincerly jennifer -----Original Message----- Date: Sunday, April 17, 2011 10:11:01 am To: "Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS" <> From: "IAS Admin" <> Subject: an ever increasing waist line... From: (dorothy) Subject: an ever increasing waist line...

Hi all! I have had 3 small bowel obstructions in 27 mos. It all started in Dec. 08 when I had a ruptured appendix, but it took the hospital THREE weeks to diagnose, well they diagnosed it by doing exploratory surgery. Praise God that the appendix somehow took a B-line and settled in a lump in my groin, otherwise it would have secreted toxins and I would've died of sepsis. BUT the situation caused a secondary SBO, and the surgery was an ordeal -- the abdominal organs had begun to fuse together and so had to be separated. The surgeon at the time said with the amount of trauma that occurred, it was very likely I would have tons of adhesions.

So in May '09 I had another full SBO & surgery due to the adhesions. I made it all the way till Feb '11 before having the 3rd full SBO & surgery.

Each time I have surgery it seems to me that my abdominal area gets bigger and bigger. I am a skinny 50 yr old woman, with skinny arms and legs, but a tummy that makes me look 5-6 mos. pregnant.

Is this typical of abdominal adhesions???? Do any of you have the same thing?

I am taking Serracel (serrapeptase, the enzyme) to see if that can help reduce the adhesions, been doing it for 3 weeks.

Many thanks,


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