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From: Nicole (
Tue Apr 19 22:38:26 2011

Hi Dawn,

My goodness...I never thought anyone knew the exact same thing that I am going through. You and I are exactly alike. I have not had nearly as many surgeries as you; however I have had my fair share. I have had 6 in the past 2 1/2 years. My most recent was Feb 1st. The same ob/gyn ahas done them all. However, it takes someone who is well versed in this field to "get" it. I am 31 years old and I have 3 wonderful little boys. They are my life and it is so comepletely difficult to take care of them and everthing else all while trying to keep a smiling face on when suffering from this excruciating pain. No one can possibly understand unless they have been told that there is nothing else that can be done. That makes you feel so hopeless and shocked and you just feel like giving up because to suffer this pain day in and day out for the rest of your life is too unbearable to imagine. I have been to one pain therapist after another with nothing. Even they look at you like your crazy and your a drug addict. I think that that is the hardest part is to have no one that understands and treats you like you are addicted and trying to get high of pain meds. Mine basically called me a liar over and over. The last one I saw said to me "So Nicole I hear that you are here today looking for pills?" and "We don't really think that there is anything wrong...maybe you should use this electronic shocking device to shock yourself till u feel better!?" Again and again, I would tell them that I DO NOT have some kind of back injury or pulled muscle, I have internal pain" They look at me and laugh. I honestly think it is in my file to not give me any pain meds at the ER. I told my doctors that I am even willing to come in for weekly drug tests to prove that I am not abusing the meds. Or even just give me a spinal shot so that I don't need any pain meds. I am beyond over it. We as mothers suffering from this really need to be on bedrest but we can't. I am now taking so many different medications from 3 different kind of nausea medications to my psychiatri meds (I suffer from sever depression and have been in treatment since I was 11 years old). In addition I am taking up to 20 tylenols, aleve, etc every day. The doctors don't seem to c ar. They tell me not to take that because if what it is doing to my liver yet give me nothing but bogus meds. Have you considered going to Germany? I tried but not able to make it happen because I do not have 16k and no one in the public would help me raise those funds. Even the newspaper, news stations etc. has been contacted; I have not had a single response. Again, to people who don't suffer from this, it is an imaginary illness. it does not show up on any medical tests. You can only see i when you go in for surgery. At this point, no one is willing to touch me anymore. Great. I am like you with the constant worry that I could have an obstruction and could honestly die from that before I could get help. I cannot even begin to tell you how much we are in debt honestly because of my illness. I have even been doing weekly massages and acupucture. It does not help and I feel horrible spending any money to try to make myself feel better when I have 3 kids to take care of. Of course no insurance will pay for any of that. I do not know how much longer I can endure this pain. Let me know when you read this and I will post back:) It's just nice talking to someone who understands. Talk to you soon!

>From: Dawn Justice []
>Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2011 8:22 PM
>Subject: Referal request
>Hello. First of all thank you so much. I have never encountered someone who
>been through what I have. This website is a glimmer of hope for
>That may sound a little dramatic but it is very true.
>I'll include a quick summary of my medical history. I am 32 years old, have
>three beautiful children and am suffering from constant pain from
adhesions. >I
>have had 19 surgeries. 16 have been in the last 9 years and are all
>My last surgery was on December 15,2010. They removed massive amounts of
>>just pain or if I've developed another bowel obstruction.
>All of that rambling does have a point! :) Do you know of ANY Dr with
>with adhesions anywhere close to SW Missouri. I am willing to travel. I am
>desperate for a physician who could possibly understand.
>Thank you very much in advance.
>Again, thanks to everyone who contributes to this website.
>Dawn J.

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