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I'm sorry but I do not know of a doctor in your area. But I do know that for the last ten years and more, this site has had thousands of people with adhesions writing in with stories like yours. If you can go back and copy some of those letters and bring them with you to the doctors you see, perhaps it will have some effect. Good luck, Sally

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Hello. First of all thank you so much. I have never encountered someone who has been through what I have. This website is a glimmer of hope for understanding! That may sound a little dramatic but it is very true. I'll include a quick summary of my medical history. I am 32 years old, have three beautiful children and am suffering from constant pain from adhesions. I have had 19 surgeries. 16 have been in the last 9 years and are all abdominal. My last surgery was on December 15,2010. They removed massive amounts of adhesions that stretched from my pelvic floor to my rib cage. In November of

2008 I went in for emergency surgery for what was assumed to be my appendix. As I was being intubated I immediatly crashed and had to have an ER tracheotomy

placed. My appendix was perfect. The problem was adhesions had attached around my liver. It has been a nightmare. I am in constant pain. We recently moved to a

small town. My new primary care physician refuses to take me seriously. If I ask

for pain medications, I am a drug addict. If I complain about this phantom pain,

I am a hypochondriac. When I tell someone I'm not feeling well and I tell them why I get looks of "yeah right". Even my surgeon who just removed adhesions shows obvious irritation when I come in for an appointment. Because in her opinion there is no way I could still be in pain only 3 months post-op. I am a frequent visitor to the ER. When the pain escalates I never know if the pain is just pain or if I've developed another bowel obstruction.

All of that rambling does have a point! :) Do you know of ANY Dr with experience

with adhesions anywhere close to SW Missouri. I am willing to travel. I am desperate for a physician who could possibly understand. Thank you very much in advance. Again, thanks to everyone who contributes to this website.

Dawn J. Aurora, Missouri

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