FW: Trapped Nerves by adhesions

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Wow. Thanks for the info! It is exactly what I am going through right now. Do you also get a horrible pain in your thigh almost like a deep pinching charlie horse? OMG it really hurts! I had an MRI and now am being referred to a Neurologist. It is really strange to have my thigh numb. My Dr. did put me on Gabapentin for the pain in my thigh, and it does seem to help. I believe with adhesions anything is possible! Never a dull moment. Cheryl

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Sender: alegna2017@aol.com (angela) Subject: Re: Trapped Nerves by adhesions Wow!!!! I have just been diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis.I have severe back pain radiating to left leg with numbness & tingling.I asked MD if this is adhesion related & he said we don't know much about adhesions but it is possible.I believe it is possible!

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