Re: Trapped Nerves by adhesions

Sun Apr 17 12:07:58 2011

Rob I am so sorry your suffering, I am getting some reliefe from lidocane infusions for

the trapped nerves in my groin, is there any where you could try this? If you want to E-mail me direct you can in fact anybody can if they want. I love this site but some times postings are slow...


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I am aware that there are a couple of different mesh barriers but they need to be fixed somehow or glued in place. One of them is SurgiWrap. This may work for inguinal hernias. I think the manufacturer recommends dissolvable staples to hold it in place, but I wonder if glue works? I think if you contact one of the lap surgeons that deal with post hernia pain, they could tell you. Another is SepraFilm. They need to use a larger trocar to "sneak" it in. I think you could contact Dr. Gerhart to see what he says.

At Sun, 20 Mar 2011, Rob wrote: > >Wow- finally I found somebody with the SAME EXACT thing that I have (in >addition to the three surgeries for bowel obstructions). I had hernia >surgery about 6 years ago and they say that the scar tissue and mesh >probably trapped nerves. I am in pain every day. Thanks for sharing. > >-- >Rob > >At Mon, 14 Mar 2011, IAS Admin wrote: >> >>From: [] On >>Behalf

Of >>Debbie Baranes >>Sent: Sunday, March 06, 2011 8:42 PM >>To: >>Subject: Re: Trapped Nerves by adhesions >> >>I also have this problem a long with problems in my cervical and lower back >>and from hernia repair and second open surgery for the rest my >>problems, tear in bowel incarcerated hernia and lyisis of extensive >>adhesion's on

the >>right side pelvic to abdomen. I'm sure it was the mesh that made adhesion's >>grow so bad, not to mention nerve damage in the groin from the first >repair. >>The left side has caught up with adhesion's now also, I also have had >>partial obstructions lately. I don't know how much more were supposed >>to take. I am never with out pain now ever. I try to just take a day >>at a

time >>in the hopes that some day some one will really help. Keep the hope >everyone >>Debbie B NY

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