Anyone better yet?

From: Kristie (
Wed Dec 8 19:03:22 2010

I come on here from time to time. I am in bad shape, and my family life is terrible. I have two very ill and terminal grandchildren, and I want to be better for my kids. I have always been a very hands on type of parent and grandparent. I feel so much pressure, I feel like I am giving birth to a watermelon, or that my own head will fall out my vajay jay.......and I'll turn inside out. I also have terrible nerve damage and adhesions on my left side. I have had this off and on for 35 years....yada yada yada.

I just want to know if anyone has anything new or that worked recently? you can email me at

Thanks.....God bless and Merry Christmas

Kristie Liston

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