just need a little venting moment

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Hi Cheryl.. Haha.. So I know I start writing and can't stop either. My GP is "turning me over" to the GI drs hoping they can help more. So the meds are the same for me. Dilaudid, IV fluids and zofran. The benedryl helps with the itching and also gives me an extra help with sleep. I have taken xanax. And my drs have tried various antidepressants with the thought they would help the pain. The last one we tried basically messed with my mind so badly I don't remember a couple of weeks ! And at one point made my family so nervous they thought I was gonna hurt myself. Which I didn't feel that way...I don't think...but it was the way I was talking. That SHAPES place is a nice alternative...I'm not sure we have anything like that in my area. The ER is my place for point of no return. and like you I have the pain start out with like quick jabs to my right side and hip area..vomitting ...and then the pain starts just ripping across my stomach. Until..between the pain and nausea there's nothing I can do. The eR/hospital knows me. Calls the gp and GI drs and I'm admitted ... Usually for about four days..depending. The last time my liver enzymes were out of whack?? So had to stay in longer. Anyway on the way to the GI drs..today! please keep in touch! Jenny

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Hi Jenny! That is why this website is here :) We all need to be able to vent and I really appreciate the support, kindness and caring that I get from other ARD sufferers. You really have had it rough and I am so sorry to hear all that you have been through. My pr4oblems began in 2002 when I had a sigmoid resection for diverticulosis. I have also had 11 abdominal surgeries. No Fun! I am happy to hear that your GP is so understanding and supportive of you. My GP is???? I can NEVER figure him out. I live on my pains meds, Methadone, Oxycodone 5 mg. tabs no acetaminiphine (sp?) 3-4 tabs as needed, and I also have promethazine for nausea ( which just doesn't seem to do the trick lately) I have always dealt with the adhesion monsters on my left side. After my Gallbladder was removed, I started having intermittent pain on my right. I had a procedure done in Jan. of this year and the Dr. took a biopsy of the area where my Gallbladder had been because it was red and inflammed. Since then it is my own living hell! I don't know what else to call them so I call them full blown episodes. I feel it (pain) come rolling on and it's like contractions. I get hit with hard intense stabbing sharp pain and aching. It builds up to where I am in a ball sobbing, curled into a ball with a heating pad and pillow pushed into my abdomen hugging it. I continue to go through that rolling and writhing in pain. When it gets to the point where I can't cope, and am pulling my hair and feel like I am at the point of no return I either go to the E.R. or a place called S.H.A.P.E.S. ( where patients go in for I.V. therapy) I am given Saline for dehydration, zofran and Dilauded. For me the Dilauded helps take the edge off. Last time they even gave me benedryl for nausea too on top of everything else. My Gastro calls it all in for me. I feel like the oxycodone just doesn't cut the pain anymore. I don't really know that much about Dilauded in a pill form. Do you feel that it helps you more than the other pain meds you have taken? I am blessed that I never vomit, but the nausea gets so bad I wish I could. What treatment does your GP order for you for pain control when you are at the point of no return? I didn't plan on writing a book, sorry. You hang in there. Thx for listening to me go off. I guess I needed to vent myself :) I don't know what button I just hit to mess this all up?? Cheryl   > Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2010 00:17:36 -0600
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> Subject: just need a little venting moment
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> Subject: just need a little venting moment
> Hi..so its been a while since I have posted. But have been hospitalized
> 3 times in the past few months for pain due to abdominal/pelvic
> adhesions. Sigh. I have had 11 surgeries..stemming from infertility
> and endometriosis to now dealing with the same old issues of adhesions.
> I am lucky to have a great primary Dr. whom has been treating me for
> over 5 years now. and We are at the point where I can call him and he
> will direct admit me for pain control! thank God! I just am feeling a
> bit defeated...I currently am taking oral dilaudid for pain and zofran
> for nausea...but then the nausea and vomitting kick in so bad that I
> can't keep the pills down!! and the pain seems to be on the
> increase...again!!!!!!!
> Anyway --- thanks for listening. Like I said just needed to vent!!! off
> to take some meds and try to get a litte rest!!!

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