Re: Adhesion Disease

From: Phomp (
Thu Dec 2 19:37:33 2010

At Sat, 4 Sep 2010, Patty Pruitt wrote: >
>I've been suffering with an "Adhesion Disease" since 1997. I had a
>total hystorectomy, removal of appendix. Now, going thru Menopause, my
>pain levels have elevated drastically!(Unbearable). My age, 41. I feel
>this is a serious disease! It has taken a toll on my whole life syle. I
>pray Dr.'s study more on adhesions and Aggressive Surgeons, "Think",
>before they do so many surgeries on Humans. Try, if all possible to
>take other alternatives, Like I say "If all Possible". I pray for
>anyone who suffers with any health issues. I want to learn how to
>manage my pain because I have done everything possible and I feel there
>is no help for me.

Patty, I am so surprised that so many people are suffering with adhesions. I
am 66 years old and I am angry at some of the doctors.

In all my years I have never heard of adhesions until this year and I have been suffering with pain in my stomach & bowel area for years. Because I have fibromyalgia and take a handful of pills including Oxycontin, I have chronic constipation and not one doctor told me about a prescription called Miralax (powder). It helps me get back on track, something I have not been able to accomplish for years. I had two thoughts when I first started taking that med...1 Why didn't one doctor tell me about this medication...2 How many people know about it? My mission is to tell as many people as I can so they can get help!

It is wonderful to find this site; I hope that someone can help me decide if I should have surgery to see where the adhesions are and find the places that are chronically painful. Pain is a terrible thing and it is born alone. I am very tired of all the pain and foolishly hope that all of us might find a door that opens and offers an answer. At least a solid direction that might be positive. I am tired of medication and often wonder if doctors take the easy way out by giving out so much of it. It occurred to me that they really want to help us but no answer is available in many cases so they hope that a medication would make us think we are doing something to help ourselves. I am very impressed with the doctor that heads this site and feel that he is the only Dr that is doing something positive if only to tell us what adhesions are all about and put us in touch with each other. Maybe he will learn more about this illness and lead the way to some cures or at least methods that might help stop adhesions grow after surgery.

I hope that you find help and if you do that you will share it with all of us. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Phomp - Priest River Idaho

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