Advice needed - appendix problems

From: annmarie (
Wed Nov 10 18:38:23 2010

Hey guys I haven't posted for a while as I'm trying to cope with things on my own but am now having to throw in the towel. Long story short - Endo stage 4 ending with full hyst 4 years ago, including multi organ (bowel, bladder, stomach wall) involvement. Stomach full of adhesions - another laporoscopy 2 years ago for cut back (bowel and stomach wall involvement) Well - at the time of my last surgery I begged my Gyne surgeon to remove my appendix as I have extreme localised right sided lower abdominal pain. He told me he could'nt remove it as 'he saw it but it was too difficult to get at!" Any how, here I am again - awful pain, on and off low grade fever, dreadful 'water like' bowel movements which leave me drenched in cold sweat and bordering on passing out. Several times I've thought of going to the ER as I am convinced that my appendix is rupturing but have fallen asleep and woken up feeling better - until the next time the symptoms come back, which is every other week at the moment.

I just don't know what to do. I know my GP thinks I should try and handle things and get used to the pain as there is not much else they can do but - I truly hate feeling like this and am so worried that if my appendix does rupture in an emergency what if they can't get it in time?

Should I 'ask' for it to be removed in a controled way? I don't want anymore surgeries - who does, but I feel that this pesky organ, which I don't need, is removed I might get some relief.

My husband wants me too as he feels that if I don't I will always wonder if it would make a difference.

I am 43 and have a long life ahead of me - what would you guys do. Risk another surgery or try and deal?

Also, If I do decide to go a head to I push for a gyne surgeon or a general one?

Help would be so appreciated!

Hugs to you all!

annmarie - uk - worcestershire

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