Re: Need Dr in or near Charlotte, NC

From: Karen Andrew (
Wed Nov 10 18:37:23 2010


I know it is difficult, we are all in the same boat. Doctors are pretty much useless because none really can solve adhesions from coming back, only temporarily. There is an enzyme called serrapeptase which a few us us are trying. My understanding is that this enzyme can actually break down dead scar tissue which causes the majority of our pain in inflammation. It can take several months to work but it does have a claim to significantly reduce adhesions. This is my second week so I will not know quite yet although I am starting to feel a bit better. This could definitely be something to try. There are no side effects or contradictions so they claim. Look up

With prayers for you, Karen

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I am suffering from adhesions after an emergency Right Colectomy due to necrotic large bowel caused by Ischemic Colitis in 2008. I am only 28 years old and this is putting tremendous strain on myself & family (I have 2 young children whom this is also affecting). My quality of life is poor, I struggle to get through each work day, calling out & leaving early very often and being sick in bed with nausea, diarrhea (this increases my pain by far), anorexia (it hurts so much to eat) and of course debilitating pain on my days off. I have no life anymore, it only constant pain & sickness. Majority of my meals consist of nothing but a milkshake. I have seen countless Dr's and none of them seem to understand or even care about the severity of this condition. Please refer me to any Dr with experience in treating ARD. I have no advicate & feel so alone. I'm hanging on by a string, please help...


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