From: Jackie (
Sat Oct 16 23:43:49 2010

For over 30 years I have suffered in the Pelvic,colon and up towards my liver. The pain was so intense when I had to go to the bathroom,intercoarse etc it was torture and from 1980 till 2009 it got worse and worse. I finally found a Doctor/Gyno that wanted to explore to see if I had "other issues" causing the pain .When she went inside she was Amazed of the the amount of adhesions growing everywhere it took her almost 2 hours to clean it up and when it was all over andnow I'm Pain FREE! she asked me to speak at a medical convention to alert Doctors to open there minds to taking a chance and explore what your patients are telling you and not like most of them say "IT'S ALL IN YOU HEAD". Her name is Dr Heidi Hollinquest, Concord NH if anyone is looking for help in tis state. Saved my Life!

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