Fri Sep 17 11:57:57 2010

Hello my name is Johurt4 I had 4 back to back c-ections, then becaue of all the pain on the left lower side they found out my left ovary wa cared to my intestines and lot of cysts so it was removed along with my uterous because it was also scared to things it should not have been and causing pain. Which that wa done in June of 09 then I continued to be in pain so they wanted remove the right ovary becaue it was one big cyst which that was in Nov of 09. The doctor declined to do a laporscopy sugery because I have way to much scar tissue so I have had 6 major abdominal sugeries pretty much back to back. I have chronic abdomial pain rectal bleeding,constipated or very thin bowel movements have bloating and vomit during a bowel movement my stomack hurts so bad to go and it will hurt all day long constant nausea,low apetite can not pass gas or it is very hard to someone please help..

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