Re: Intestinal Soreness

Sat Sep 4 20:04:44 2010

Hi when I get this I take Zantac 75--which you can get in the drug store--stay of acid foods and use a heat lamp Take care Lou

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> Hi Alegna,
> Your problem is that the stupid adhesions are attaching to your
intestines. > After they have been there a while they start to stretch and pull on the
> tissue  of your intestines and it really hurts, especially when you have a
> big BM. It helps a little to take a stool softener but that doesn't
relieve > the pain caused by the intestinal adhesions. How do I know this? I have
> abdominal adhesions that are attached to my intestines and my abdominal
> wall. I've only had partial obstructions so far...knock on wood, and they
> are no fun. There's really not much the doctors are willing do unless you
> have a partial or full intestinal obsruction. The symptoms of an
obstruction > are: constipation, intermittent to severe abdominal cramps, vomiting,
green > vomit, fecal vomiting (vomit that looks like feces-sorry-gross), blood
> stained mucus, jelly like mucus. I know this sounds scary but knowledge is
> power. If you aren't having these symptoms then you need to find some way
to > deal with the pain. If you are having these symptoms, go to the doctor.
Hang > in there are not alone. We are legion!
> Jeanette
> Adhesions since 2002 and hanging in there.
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>> Subject: Intestinal Soreness
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>> Subject: Intestinal Soreness
>> Has any one ever experienced this? For the last several days I have been
>> having extreme soreness to my intestines.Yes,I said intestines!The
>> soreness is so extreme that it hurts to walk so all I have been able to
>> do is lie down propped up with pillows.The pain meds aren't working,it's
>> as if my intestines have been bruised.I haven't contacted my medical
>> physician because I know he is going to say he has never heard of this
>> symptom before & that I am an enigma.I don't want to go to the ER
>> because I am uninsured & every test result will come back normal & then
>> I will be discharged home once again without any help.

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