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Hi---Kim--you are not alone, their are hundred of us out there,all over the world this day to day suffering why can thay not find a cure--the drug companies would make a lot of money, save the hospitals thousand of $ each year, if you have Cancer--so much help the support is great, but this thing called ADHESION IS HELL, pain which is like no other and all that go;s with it, + it cannot be seen on any tests, the only way is surgery, and what do you get, if we go in--more came back, sorry we can not help you, and by the way adhesion's do not give you pain!!!!

I went in hospital with my first bowel obs--waited 3hrs to be seen --by a Dr. and the pain was just unreal thank god for Morphine--I was sent home with a pile of laxatives--oh happy days.

But the worse thing with this is--the loss of what we had--a job unable to do the things we love to do, because it brings on the pain ++++++++ We take it day to day--on the good days its a blessing the bad we do the best we can--and hope that one day we will have help and support in a big way, which is our right.

Take care--Lou,

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