adhesions from cystocele repair

From: pel (
Mon Jun 28 22:40:40 2010

Has anyone developed scar tissue from a cystocele repair? I'm going on my 4th gyno and one says that I have scar tissue that if forming a band from the top of the vagina down to the bottom. I can't sit because of the pulling I feel. She's hesitant to do surgery because the scar tissue is so close to the bowel. She referred me to 3 other gyno's who don't think the scar tissue is bad enough to do anything about. In the meantime I haven't sat in a normal chair for a year, walked any distance and feel the same pulling when bending. I stand at my desk at work most of the day. I sit in a kneeling chair for a few hours at work and lie down on a cot for lunch and breaks. I was referred to a pain management specialist who said my problem was scar tissue and doesn't understand why a doctor doesn't must go snip, snip and release the scar tissue. I go round and round and get no help. The frustration is maddening. The pain specialist would only recommend cold laser therapy. Has anyone had this type of treatment. The therapist said that it could break up scar tissue, but all I can find on the internet is that it speeds up the healing process and prevents the scar tissue from forming. Nothing about breaking up scar tissue. I've had scar tissue for over 2 years. I'm afraid that I won't find a dr or treatment to help me.

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