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been there too....i have had adhesions for multiple years with close to 15 surgeries.  i am going to see a adhesion specialist Dr. Redan today-cant wait am so excited to finally be able to get into see someone that knows about adhesions.  My surgeon here-in sarasota florida, does not want to open me up unless it is an extreme emergency. Im worried my body cant take anymore full blown operations like he would do.  I have a partial blockage right now due to adhesions and cant eat either...I have been just trying to eat small, mostly soup but when i do eat im flat on my back.  I use a heating pad when the pain comes it seems to help settle things down a bit and the only thing i can tell you when the pain comes try to relax as best as you can and just breath.  It does seem to help alot when you just try to stay as calm as possible the more you stress about the pain the worse the pain gets.  I know it sucks...this is something that is widely mis understood by the medical field.  They tell us "oh you are just constipated" man i hated that so much.  Took several years for the doctor to finally realize that was not my issue.  You need to get into a good doctor, pain management as well.  And they can help you learn to deal with this.  I have issues with people not understanding this either, their comment is "oh what's wrong with you now" i just want to slap them.  You will get through this, but you really need to see a doctor that can help you.  


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contact me directly - I would love to talk to you i have 15 years in - and have been right there right around the same time in this reach out to me!!!!

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Subject: HELP

I am ready to throw in the towel and the only reason I haven't yet is

because I have 2 small children and a husband. I cannot deal with the

pain any longer and the inability to eat. I have had 2 laparoscopies.

The first being totally unnecessary. I have no one to talk to. My

husband thinks God will heal me and my mom just gets upset and says I

have psychiatric issues(who wouldn't!) I can't enjoy anything anymore.

Has anyone ever felt this desperate but finally found help. If so, who

helped you? I can't do this much longer. It has been 2 years and I have

cried every day since the first surgery. I feel emotionally dead and

don't want to be physically dead but right now I don't feel any


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