belly button tugging pain

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what other testing have you had that showed you had adhesions? I have had sonograms, DNC & an MRI and it showed nothing, i have seen family doc, she refered me to obgyn who is refering me to a surgeon because of the bowel issue & I just prefer another laparoscope over another large incision and I refused lupron because of all the side affects, please let me know of other tests you had that showed adhesions, I can't stand this pain anymore.   Meeka    > Date: Mon, 24 May 2010 19:38:51 -0500
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> good luck
> Michele
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> can someone please help me, its been exactly 16 damb weeks now since
> this pain first began, I am almost posative its adhesions (try to
> convince a Dr.  of that is a joke!) it all began 1 day i had to urinate
> very bad & a sharp horrid pain ran down from my belly button to my pubic
> bone, hurt like hell, it passed in a few days but then a very painful
> tugging like feeling began on my belly button, again traveling down
> abdomen (i had 2 previouse abdominal incisions from belly button down)
> but the pain is now on my right overy as well and I feel a tremendouse
> pressure like feeling on my abdominal wall constantly where my uterus is
> adhered (20 years ago second surgery uterus turned itself inside out &
> bladder is higher up than supposed to be) had a laparoscope n8 years ago
> to remove severe adhesions, i am just wondering if any one else has had
> these pains, i still have to wait 3 weeks (totaling 18 by that time)
> before OBGYN will get me a surgeon, UGGGSSS!!!! she suggessted a
> hysterectomy because I am 45, is that really neccessary, because the
> thought of that( after2 abdominal surgeries already) scares me to death
> so can someone please help me decide what this severe pain is and what
> the hell to do since Docs are not listening only saying hysterectomy.
> please help
> meeka

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