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Vicky, Did they do a good check on your Gallbladder.( would hope they would have.) If you've had any laproscopic incisions in that area.. Adhesions could be a real reality! Even if you haven't maybe! Did they look in your Stomach with a scope or anything to be sure it's just Gastritis? Or are you just having symptoms of that? Good Luck with this! If it is Gastritis, meds for that should help.. If not.. ?? I wouldn't let them just blow it off.. Especially if you have a lot of pain.. Before I had my GB out several years ago.. They did all these tests, and didn't find anything.. They finally did a special test to see if it was working properly.. Sure enough it was a mess.. I'm not saying that's what it is, but ?? Let us know how you make out with this.. Hopefully they will figure it out..or you will start feeling better. Marlene

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> Subject: c-section
> Hello everyone!
> I will sum up a lot of my adhesions endometriosis past. I have had 1
> laparotomy and 3 laparoscopic surgeries and this july a c section. I
> have had horrible pain in my upper right quadrant. Went to er got
> admitted ran every test known to man they ended up saying i have
> Gastritis. They could not find n e thing wrong with me.... Could it be
> adhesions again???

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