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From: Fern (
Sun Mar 7 07:20:21 2010

>At Thu, 31 Dec 2009, Fern wrote:
>>I read something on the internet that Celebrex has helped very
>>significantly with adhesions. You need to start it just before surgery
>>and just after. But you are not supposed to eat or drink anything
>>before having lap surgery!!! Celebrex was banned to my knowledge because
>>of problems it caused. I think the last article I had seen was written
>>around 2005. I can find no updated reliable information.
>>Has anyone any knowledge of this?
>>Fern Hill
>Celebrex is still available as an anti-inflammatory. As to its efficacy
>as an adhesion inhibitor, that's most likely not true. Try an internet
>search on "Medical Madoff" - sadly you'll find info about a Doctor who
>faked research data in 21 studies, Celebrex was among the drugs
>I do not know if the adhesion study was one of those faked, however this
>particular doctor did author a paper on Celebrex and adhesions in
>Very disheartening and a horrible slap to all those who ARE working so
>very hard to help us who suffer from this horrible affliction.
>Hi Joani

I agree it is very disheartening to find out that doctors and pharmaceutical companies are exaggerating data or leaving out essential facts. We are reading about more ineffective drugs all the time with something major every year (at least). If something seems to good to be true (like taking Celebrex and having adhesions reduced 70 to 80%) it probably is faked. Greed is overcoming America and I am someone who has suffered from surgery due to a hernia mesh that contracted. My original surgeon told me it was all in my head and it was actually discovered to be contracted and folded up. I am past the 3 year statue of limitations or else I would seek compensation for all the suffering and medical bills I had. I am doing better and so may not do anything right now. But I believe it is important to keep up with the latest news.

Fern Hill

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