Celiac Plexus Block-Alta

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Hi Alta, Thanks so much for writing and saying that you also had a bad experience from the procedure. How long before you started feeling close to normal or how you felt before your Celiac Plexus Block? I know with ARD we can never feel NORMAL! I just always thought my adhesion pain on my left was just devastating. This pain on my right side has made my left side really look like a wimp. I keep trying to do things, and I just can't. I never had a CT SCan with/without contrast. I wasn't feeling well at all the day of the procedure and had to cancel it. Then I thought I was doing better so when my Gastro's office called to reschedule the scans we both decided to not go through with it, and they also cancelled my appointment with him. I should have kept the appointment because I just have soooo many questions. I think I already spoke about the pain clinic, and I am just holding back. I am afraid to do all of the things they want me to do, because I know the outcome which is increased pain. Mentally and physically I cannot handle it period! When you have a chance and feel up to it, would you write and tell me how the procedure went for you? What steps have you taken since then? Take Care, and thanks again, I don't feel like I am a isolated case even though the Dr. that did the procedure never had any patients with this type of a reaction. It is such a blessing to have this website for all of us to share and support each other :) Cheryl

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